Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drug Scandal Rocks Happier Family League *BREAKING NEWS*

DOON, IOWA - Unnamed sources close to the Commissioner have indicated that they are opening an investigation into allegations that Don Baker of the Lyin' Cty Reformers has taken a banned substance. Although previously an overlooked rule, the Commissioner is working to "clean up the game" under significant pressure from the league. "How else do you explain the treasure trove of keeper talent the [Lyin' Cty] Reformers were able to retain at such a low salary this year," exclaimed an irate rival. "He is ruining the game for the rest of us honest owners."

A phone call to Don Baker's lawyer team of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe was not immediately returned.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 21

The final PowerRankings for our 2010 league are below. The Lyin' Co. Reformers built the best team and although the owner is presently on the DL, his team seems to be rolling, currently beating TeamLA 9-0 for a spot in the championship game. Although my Cocos had the power of Coco Crisp for the last couple of weeks, I still managed to lose the first round of playoffs to Jon's ThunderCRACK after the Seal Beach Dreamers won the tie-breaker to gain a bye in the first week of playoff play. Who will ultimately wear the cufflinks this year?

A post on off-season trading will be up sometime soon. If your season ended like mine, you're probably looking for a bit of redemption and a shot at the cufflinks next season. Hopefully, the next post will clear up any confusion about off-season trading and re-ignite the age-old debate of live draft versus automated draft.

Weekly PowerRank

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
19SD Thunder is BACK5.0
22deus ex machina4.9
311Lyin' Cty. Reformers3.3
45The Cocos1.9
57CV Mom1.3
64Seal Beach Dreamers1.0
73Arlen's Marlins-0.6
86Lucky 13's-0.9
98Team LA-2.0
1112Corn Poppers-2.5
1210Soi Disant-9.0

Yearly PowerRank

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers8.2
22The Cocos5.8
33Seal Beach Dreamers4.0
46deus ex machina0.1
54Team LA-0.3
65Arlen's Marlins-0.5
78Lucky 13's-1.5
87Soi Disant-1.9
1011SD Thunder is BACK-3.0
1110CV Mom-3.2
1212Corn Poppers-5.0

Monday, August 23, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 20

Good weeks, but is it too late?

Charisma and deus ex machina turned in the top scores this week, but is it too late for post-season dreams? Perhaps, although one might make it if they win 10-0 and everyone else loses 0-10. Despite the fact that charisma very well may be out of it this year, he put up a strong 8.6 PR this week, the 5th highest week total this season.

For any team, a strong finish may indicate the players they'll want to keep for next season. Keepers may be sent to me at any time and you can trade keepers beginning December 1st. You may trade keepers for other keepers provided that all keepers are submitted to me a week before a trade. You may also trade your keepers for another team's draft pick. I'll get more information about how this might work coming soon, but it is never too early to begin thinking about keepers for next year.

Weekly PowerRank

RankLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
211deus ex machina4.0
38Arlen's Marlins1.6
43Seal Beach Dreamers1.2
52The Cocos0.6
64Lucky 13's0.5
75CV Mom0.1
87Team LA-1.8
910SD Thunder is BACK-2.5
1012Soi Disant-2.6
111Lyin' Cty. Reformers-3.6
129Corn Poppers-6.1

Yearly PowerRank

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers8.2
22The Cocos5.8
33Seal Beach Dreamers4.2
44Team LA0.2
55Arlen's Marlins-0.5
68deus ex machina-0.7
76Soi Disant-1.0
87Lucky 13's-1.4
109CV Mom-3.4
1110SD Thunder is BACK-3.8
1212Corn Poppers-5.0

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 19

With just 2 weeks left to play in the regular season, the race for the last playoff spots are heating up. With the Lyin' Co. Reformers cementing their return to the playoffs. The Arlen's Marlins and SD Thunder is Back are tied for the 6th and final playoff spot with the Soi Disant and CV Mom within 2 games.

Weekly PowerRanks

RankLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
13Lyin' Cty. Reformers6.0
210The Cocos5.8
32Seal Beach Dreamers4.8
45Lucky 13's3.0
511CV Mom2.7
78Team LA0.1
89Arlen's Marlins-1.4
91Corn Poppers-3.1
106SD Thunder is BACK-6.0
114deus ex machina-6.9
127Soi Disant-7.1

Yearly PowerRanks

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers9.3
22The Cocos5.9
33Seal Beach Dreamers4.0
44Team LA0.6
56Arlen's Marlins-0.6
65Soi Disant-0.8
78Lucky 13's-1.6
87deus ex machina-1.7
910CV Mom-3.2
109SD Thunder is BACK-3.3
1211Corn Poppers-4.5

Monday, August 9, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 18

Race tightens for final playoff spot

The Soi Disant and SD Thunder Is BACK are tied for the final playoff spot 22 games in back of the leader. Lyndsey tied former champion TeamLA while the Thunder knocked off the most improved team in the second half, the Lucky13's, by a score of 6-4. There are still three weeks to go and the two teams face each other on week 20. It will be an exciting race to the finish for everyone.

As you prepare your team for the playoffs and the off-season, please remember the trade deadline is August 15th. Also, remember that you are able to trade draft picks in next year's draft. If you wish to do this, email me when the trade is agreed upon and I'll make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the trade is recorded for next year.

Weekly PowerRank

RankLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
19Corn Poppers7.6
24Seal Beach Dreamers5.6
32Lyin' Cty. Reformers2.8
47deus ex machina2.4
512Lucky 13's0.1
61SD Thunder is BACK0.1
78Soi Disant-0.6
85Team LA-0.8
93Arlen's Marlins-1.7
106The Cocos-2.5
1110CV Mom-6.2

Yearly PowerRank

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers8.7
22The Cocos5.6
33Seal Beach Dreamers3.3
44Team LA0.6
55Soi Disant-0.1
66Arlen's Marlins-0.5
77deus ex machina-1.0
88Lucky 13's-2.0
99SD Thunder is BACK-2.8
1010CV Mom-3.5
1112Corn Poppers-4.0

Monday, August 2, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 17

The trade deadline

For those who care, I cannot stand the latest Dodgers trades. It may be only one game but seeing Theriot go 0-4 with 2 strikeouts while seeing Blake DeWitt get 3 hits in his Cubs debut is indicative of the type of trade the Dodgers made. Talent with upside given away for veterans who can't hit but have some mystical leadership ability. The Dotel trade was even worse considering Dotel walks around 4 batters per 9 innings. I don't like those odds. James McDonald and Andrew Lambo are top prospects and giving them up for 2 months of Dotel seems like a waste.

Back in our league, the race is tightening for first place. My Cocos are playing first place Lyin' Co. Reformers for a chance to close the 4.5 games between them. While having a down week last week against the Soi Disant, the Cocos still managed to win and remain in the hunt.

As a reminder, our league's trade deadline is not until August 15th, so if you don't quite have all the pieces for your end-game run to the playoffs, now is the time to trade for this year or acquire future talent for next year.

Weekly PowerRanks

RankLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
14SD Thunder is BACK8.9
23Lyin' Cty. Reformers7.8
310Arlen's Marlins3.4
46Seal Beach Dreamers2.1
57Team LA1.1
62The Cocos-0.1
78deus ex machina-0.8
85Soi Disant-3.8
912Corn Poppers-4.0
1011CV Mom-4.0
121Lucky 13's-6.2

Yearly PowerRanks

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers9.1
22The Cocos6.6
33Seal Beach Dreamers2.3
44Team LA1.1
55Soi Disant-0.1
66Arlen's Marlins-0.1
78deus ex machina-1.8
87Lucky 13's-2.3
911SD Thunder is BACK-2.7
109CV Mom-2.7
1212Corn Poppers-6.0

Monday, July 26, 2010

PowerRanks: Week 16

Chase gets Lucky?

Chase's Lucky 13s not so quietly knocked off his first-place dad 8-1 to move into a 4th place tie in the standings. This, though you may have missed it, is his 2nd week in a row leading the PowerRanks and 3rd time in the last 5 weeks. As little as 3 weeks ago, his team was in last place in the Yearly PowerRankings and has suddenly jumped to seventh place.

Looking over his past PowerRankings, it shows a steady progression to becoming one of the best in the league. However, can he maintain that and overcome the wins the top 3 already have in the bank? Yes. He is just 9.5 games off the new leader, Lyin' Co. Reformers who had a good week too. A 9.5 game swing in the few remaining weeks isn't that unheard of and if Victor Martinez starts playing again like he might tonight, he'll be in a great position to take the league.

Here is a graph of his PowerRank by week:

Weekly PowerRank

RankLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lucky 13's10.4
22The Cocos5.1
34Lyin' Cty. Reformers4.5
45SD Thunder is BACK2.4
53Soi Disant0.8
612Seal Beach Dreamers0.8
711Team LA-0.6
87deus ex machina-1.7
109Arlen's Marlins-4.8
1110CV Mom-5.3
126Corn Poppers-8.1

Yearly PowerRank

This WeekLast WeekTeam NamePowerRank
11Lyin' Cty. Reformers8.0
22The Cocos6.8
33Seal Beach Dreamers1.7
44Team LA1.0
56Soi Disant0.4
65Arlen's Marlins-0.6
710Lucky 13's-1.4
88deus ex machina-1.9
97CV Mom-2.0
1111SD Thunder is BACK-3.6
1212Corn Poppers-5.6